Piarulli Vini ed Olio

Company Structure

Historical Notes

For three generations the Piarulli family has dedicated itself with love and diligence to the cultivation of land and the production of Apulian wines.
It all began in the early 1950s when Domenico Piarulli founded the "Casa Vinicola Piarulli" on the ruins of an ancient country house. Moved by the deep desire to enhance the wine product of the Castel del Monte area, Mr. Domenico continued this activity, handing it down to his two sons, Vincenzo and Walter. The latter have continued, over time, with passion and dedication, the work undertaken by his father, achieving important commercial successes linked to the sale of bulk wine and the bottling of their own wine production.

Hystorical Photos

In 2011 the company, renamed "Piarulli vini ed olio", was taken over entirely by Walter and his son Domenico Flavio Piarulli.
The current company mission consists in the careful selection and vinification of grapes of the area and continues with the trade of the finished product (bottled and in bulk). All this is done by making the most of the characteristics of the Apulian terroir thanks to innovative technologies and projects. Furthermore, since some years, in parallel with the production of native wines, the third generation of the Piarulli has undertaken the sale of extra virgin olive oil obtained partly from the family's olive groves, exporting it throughout Europe. Inside the company shop, along with wine and oil, other made in Puglia foods are made available to the customer.

Enological Laboratory
Historical Nucleus

The Winery

The historical nucleus, dating back to the XVIII-XIX centuries, originally conceived as a masseria (a set of rural buildings used for farms typical of Southern Italy and in particular of the Puglia region which takes its name from the "household goods" that were preserved and protected inside large stone buildings where farmers, shepherds and owners lived), became the fulcrum of the winery in 1950, when Domenico Piarulli bought the rural building and the adjacent lands. At this structure, which is still completely intact and operational thanks to the redevelopment works carried out over the years, new work areas were annexed at the end of the 1950s, used as offices and departments for winemaking and wine storage. The purchase and reclamation of land bordering the cellar dates back to 2018. This space, characterized by the presence of a trullo (conical construction in traditional dry stone of central-southern Puglia), introduces the client and the visitor to the main nucleus of the company.

The winery, which boasts an overall extension of 15,000 square meters, has a total storage capacity of over 50,000 hectoliters distributed in vitrified reinforced concrete tanks and more tanks of different capacities, in stainless steel. Red grapes and white grapes are treated separately and, over time, the traditional processing tools have been combined with innovative appliances such as thermocontrolled fermenters of various capacities and refrigeration systems with heat exchangers.

Technological Innovation

Our Enological Laboratory

Producing quality wines requires constant attention and continuous monitoring at every stage of processing. Precisely for this reason, the most recent area of the company was used to host a modern laboratory for enological analysis, fundamental for the certification of wine quality.

The structure is equipped, among others, with two cutting-edge analytical machines: a digital ebuliometer to measure the alcohol content and a multi-parameter analyzer useful for making a varied number of different checks on the wine. It is these innovative instruments that allow "Piarulli Vini e Olio" to obtain wines of international fame.

Enological Laboratory
Enological Laboratory
Enological Laboratory
Enological Laboratory
Enological Laboratory
Enological Laboratory

Wine Shop

The company wine shop, located in the heart of the winery, and stands as its most recent construction. All the wines produced by Piarulli (red, rosé, white) are available in about 60 square meters. They can be purchased bottled or in bulk, as well as a selection of the most prestigious Italian bottled wines.
There are also gastronomic delicacies of the territory such as extra virgin olive oil obtained from the “coratina” cultivar, vegetables in oil, taralli, pasta, jams and many more. To best satisfy every type of request and requirement, the Piarulli family offers the possibility to taste most of the products on sale, guiding the customer in the choice of his purchases.

Contact the store at the following addresses to request the shipment of your purchases directly at home.

Piarulli Vini ed Olio – Point of Sale
Via Castel del Monte (c.da Murgetta) 70033 Corato (BA)
Tel. e Fax 080 8980918
E-mail: info@piarulliviniedolio.it

Opening time
monday-friday: 07.00 to 16.00
saturday: 08.30 to 13.00 – 14.30 to 16.00
sunday: 09.00 to 12.30

Wine Shop
Wine Shop
Wine Shop
Wine Shop
Wine Shop
Wine Shop
Who we are

Meet our staff

It is well known that Puglia is one of the most renowned Italian regions for wine production. However, to help make Apulian wine an excellence throughout the world, the qualities of terroir, vines and grapes are not enough; the most important role is played by the commitment and love of all the people who work in the transformation of the grapes.
Precisely for this reason, the Piarulli family has selected a highly qualified staff that, with passion, dedication and competence, allows them to produce wines of a certain level and to hand on the typical regional wines from one generation to another.

In the picture they are portrayed from left to right:

Giuseppe Piccarreta (known as Peppino)
Cellarman of the company, takes care of the entire production process, from the delivery of the grapes in the cellar to its transformation into wine. He is considered a handyman because of the experience acquired in more than thirty years in the Piarulli winery.

Michele Napoletano
A very young winemaker,he has earned a place in the team for some years now. His task is to make sure that the wine production process takes place correctly and, subsequently, to carry out all the analyzes necessary for the conservation of the wine itself.

Domenico Flavio Piarulli
Business manager, he is the central pivot of the company. With an innovative entrepreneurial spirit, Domenico Flavio deals with commerce and communication; he also supports the cellarman and the winemaker in checking the quality of the grapes and in the winemaking process with the aim of obtaining a high quality product.

Walter Piarulli
CEO and the owner of the company. Together with his son Domenico Flavio, manages purchases and sales.

Marcella Piarulli
Wine Shop manager, she is Walter's daughter. An extrovert and resourceful girl, Marcella welcomes the client trying to satisfy every kind of request.

Vincenzo Abbasciano
Accounting with good analytical skills and great attention to detail, he has the task to make ends meet to perfection.

”Pleasure at work adds perfection to the task we perform“