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The Piarulli Vini ed Olio company has been located since the early 1950s in Corato (BA) and is about 9 km from the UNESCO site of Castel del Monte. In the cellar, which boasts a total capacity of around 50,000 hectoliters, a team of experts follows the production of native wines, combining the wine traditions with modern technologies.
The activity of winemaking and the sale of the loose and bottled wine is accompanied by the trade in extra virgin olive oil obtained in part from the family olive groves.

Walter and Domenico Flavio Piarulli

Generations compared

The vinification of the Apulian grapes has been a family passion for three generations. The protagonists of today, Gualtiero and Domenico Flavio, interpret with dedication the precious teachings of the tradition putting them to good use in a mix of experience and innovation in the constant search for quality thanks to which elegant and precious wines are obtained, appreciated even beyond national borders.

Logo Piarulli Vini ed Olio
Gualtiero Piarulli
Flavio Domenico Piarulli
A journey into the heart of the winery
The Winery

Wine Shop

The company wine shop, located a few steps from Castel del Monte, is the most recent area of the whole winery, where the Piarulli family welcomes the customer offering them a wide choice of wine, oil and typical local products.

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